Trade Fair
Aircraft Interiors Expo

All-in-one solutions.

Lantal, the world market leader for textile interiors in aircrafts, trains and buses, presented its special competences in a just as special trade fair appearance at the Aircraft Interiors Expo: a striking network structure penetrated all sides of the booth and attracted the attention of the visitors. It provided insights into the inner exhibit area while visually embracing it in a distinctive way. Booth architecture, color concept and furnishing followed a clear floor plan to create a neutral environment for product staging.

The concept came into its own during the execution: for us, this meant a high-precision implementation in order to perfectly connect the different elements, despite the many and sometimes opposing slopes.
(Cooperation with Heine/Lenz/Zizka, Photos: Andreas Bock, Stephan Wemhöner)

Size of the booth: 230 m2