Your successful appearance is our obligation

The company, founded in 1993 by Heinz Schnaitt, has expanded constantly. Today Schnaitt Int. Messe- u. Ladenbau GmbH has developed itself to medium-sized contractor with noted customers. Philosophy of the company and at the same time the basis of success is the ultimate customer orientation, a high service appreciation and willingness to communicate.

For us, a project request means confidence and the start of a partnership.Together with you, we develop and execute your future visions and marketing strategies leading to visual worlds of experience and communication events.

We have the solution where others say “not feasible”.


– Company is located in Bergheim near Cologne

– Established 1993

– More than 60 permanent employees in

  • innovative architecture- and creative design-department
  • highly productive joinery
  • good environmental surface-working
  • responsible project-Management
  • marketing and Administration

– Worldwide co-operation with assembly Teams

– Almost 10.000 m² storage capacity